Foodspace is a food+tech company on a mission to build products that help you save both time and money on your food journey.

We are made up of a team of entrepreneurs, techies, and most importantly friends...who obviously love food.

We love to dream big and are looking to help you find better more efficient ways to do the thing you do best―food! Yes, that’s right. We know you want to nail those vegan cupcakes, brine that perfect steak, or really just feel more comfortable grocery shopping. Be it planning, shopping, or cooking, we love all things food and want to build products that help you achieve your food dreams faster.

See, it’s more than a midday transaction, a chore for the evening, or a skill you’ve pinned yourself to never have. It’s an expression, a means to better health, or simply a way to feel good. We got emotional just writing this, and while we don’t expect you to feel the same―but if you do, we should chat―we do expect to shake up your entire food experience for the better, so we’re glad you made it to this point, and hope you’ll give us a try...it just might taste good!

Foodspace, delivering food inspo to a plate near you 🤙🏾🥕

Whether you’re planning a dinner party or simply shopping for the week, we’ve created the Foodspace Recipe Plugin to make inspiration an action item when you need it. Our unique tool allows you to find, organize, and shop ingredients from any blog you love, anytime you need it.

To learn more about Foodspace, visit us at foodspaceapp.com .